Friday, 9 January 2015

2015 and 2014 review

"An Inspector Calls" by J B Priestley in November had record audiences and good reviews and made a profit to boot, so well done. It was a mammoth task for director Maureen Callon who also took on the role of producer. I was sorry to have missed it and not to have been able to help more due to a family bereavement.

The group is getting geared up for a May production of H G Wells' "War of the Worlds". Director Liz Herdson has let slip a few choice morsels on how it will be staged and we eagerly await details of auditions.

January' club night was well supported. The script for RSC's "A Christmas Carol" was a seasonal scary sparkler and we read through it at a cracking pace. BP is trialing the library meeting room for the monthly gathering; advantages are that it is central to Bridgnorth, has good parking, good lighting and is warm, also that there are good local pubs to head to afterwards; disadvantages are that it is a bit committee-ish, but we have some ideas on how to make it more welcoming!

The spring/summer programme is now on the web

Spread the word.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Young actors needed

Young - that is, in their 20's or 30's - actors are needed for roles in J B Priestley's "An Inspector Calls", our November 2014 production. Maureen Callon negotiated hard to get the licensing rights months ago as  the play was being considered for a revival, and is indeed now being performed in London.
If you would like the chance to audition please contact Maureen on 01746 769600 before the end of August.

Living History at Dudmaston

The August meeting looked at the events that were taking place at Dudmaston during WWI in preparation for taking part in the estate's Living History weekend on the August Bank Holiday.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Despite managing ticket production and the Box Office I was not familiar with Tom Stoppard's play and the first chance I had to watch it was on the last night. It is not an easy play for the cast, with so many lines for the key players, lots of repetition and word play. Audiences familiar with "Hamlet" would have found it easier to follow than those not, but everyone got the gist of the story by the second act. It could not have been easy to stage, moving from venue to venue, but what I saw was an excellent production and superb acting from the lead roles: Debra Nash and Kate Harris as R & G and Nina White as The Player, backed up by a good supporting cast. Bridgnorth Players continues to delight members and audiences with the variety of their play choices and are not afraid of a challenge.

Cast and crew adjourned to the George to relax, debrief and celebrate. Sue laid on refreshments that were much appreciated and quickly dispatched. Liz Fisher as director, Pat Lowe for lighting, Dave Kelly as Producer and Maureen Callon for costumes were thanked with cards, flowers, bottles and applause. Our clapping may have been out of sync with that from punters in the main bar, but here I must give the musicians credit - Cooper and Davies were ace and sorry guys that we couldn't pay attention as you deserved.

Hey nonny-no and on to the next production.

That's all for now folks!

A Cornucopia of music and drama

Let's just say that Bridgnorth has been overflowing with an abundance of music and drama to nourish the most ardent seeker after entertainment. The jazz festival, organised by Tim Lord was quickly followed by the Haydn Festival. Since then we have been spoiled for choice with Proms in the Park, the Bridgnorth Symphonia, Voices in Harmony, Alveley Fest, open mike nights,almost every pub with live music. I've probably missed a dozen more events. What a great place to live.

OK, so I quit Bridgnorth on Monday, but only to go as far as Much Wenlock for the opening night of "Taming of the Shrew" by the Shropshire Drama Company as part of the MW Festival. It was terrific and great fun, with an open air stage, backdrop of windows and doors and one fixed piece of stage furniture.

AGM June

Held at Peepo's, with pizza delivered just as we finished the business.

Liz F continues as chairman, Maureen C as secretary and Owen F as treasurer. Dave K and Liz H continue on the committee and are joined by Ralph D as membership secretary. Members standing down were thanked for their contribution: Kathie O, Geoffrey S and Pat L.
Liz presented the annual report; Bridgnorth Players continues to present a good variety of drama and audiences continue supportive and appreciative. The Autumn production is Priestley's "An Inspector Calls", directed by Maureen.

We read the radio version of H G Wells "War of the Worlds" and got quite enthusiastic about how this might be presented as an evening's entertainment, with special effects and supper, possibly next summer.

Friday, 9 May 2014

The Play That Goes Wrong

If you thought BP had occasional hiccups, what with missing scenery and cramped halls, lost lines, wrestling with the set and misplaced props count yourselves lucky. The fictional Cornley Polytechnic's play "Murder at Haversham Hall" could not have had more things go wrong. Even before curtain up one poor little crew member had to call on an audience member to hold a bit of set so she could fix it with masking tape.
Mischief Theatre Company's "The Play That Goes Wrong" at The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton was a play of non stop laughter, the farce ratcheting up disaster on disaster; some I could see coming, others came out of the blue. Excellent writing underpinned superb acting. What a great way to blow away the blues.

Next BP theatre outing is Henry IV Part I on Wednesday 14th May at 18.55 at the Reel Majestic cinema in Bridgnorth. Check out other live showings there too.